• The carrot cake, we'll have

    but first, coffee

  • why do I want to be a merchant?

    reward the regular | invite the nearby | surprise the undecided

    new consumers

    prospect new consumers


    reach those within location

    up-sell | cross-sell

    come in for the coffee, but stay for the food

    customer base

    build up your own consumer base

    purchase behavior

    know what and when consumers buy


    access to restaurant crew

    volume sale

    sell drinks in bulk

  • how do I sign up?


    see benefits for consumer

    • your consumer gain card benefits as well as perks from your restaurant

    see benefits for restaurant

    • you enjoy marketing benefits and bulk sales

    sign up

    • observe the T&C
    • determine the perks you will give away to consumers
    • submit application form

    subscribe to card

    • subscribe to your own card. ( All monies between ButFirstCoffee and your restaurant will be credit/debited via the card
    • activate card